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Management Regulations for International Student Apartment


Thisregulation is formulated in accordance with the Regulation on StudentApartment Managemenn of Changzhou Textile Garment Institutet, whichcombines practical situation of international student accommodation in ourschool in order to strengthen safety management of international studentsapartment, ensure international students’ personal and property safety duringtheir school days, and maintain a good accommodation and living environment forinternational students.

第一条 国际学生应统一住宿于校内国际学生公寓,按照指定房间和床位住宿,不得擅自调换房间和床位,不得擅自改变宿舍内家具布局,不得私自卸下或改装用水、用电设备,不准随意搬出或调换宿舍内家具物品。如有特殊情况需要调整宿舍的,学生需经国际学院批准后方可调整。

Article 1All international students should board atthe appointed room and bed in international student apartment. It is forbiddento change room, bed, and furniture layout of the dormitory withoutauthorization. It is not allowed to remove or refit water and electricityequipment, and move out or change the dormitory furniture items freely.Students need to be approved by the international college for special apartmentadjustment.

第二条 国际学生因实习、毕业等原因搬离宿舍,需及时办理退宿手续、清扫室内卫生。宿管员负责查验宿舍内物品、收回钥匙。宿舍内公共物品和设备如有损坏、丢失,视情况按照物品成本价收取赔偿。如果责任不清,由该宿舍学生均摊费用。

Article 2International students who move out of thedormitory for internship, graduation and other reasons should check out andclean the room. The dormitory keeper shall be responsible for checking theitems of the dormitory and retrieving the keys. Any damage or loss of publicgoods and equipment in the dormitory will be paid at the cost of the goods. Ifthe responsibility is not clear, the dormitory students should share the cost.

第三条 国际学生出入公寓应主动配合宿管员管理,按照要求主动出示相关证件。有客人亲友来访,应持有效证件主动到宿管员处登记。

Article 3International student shall present relevantdocuments to dormitory administrator when getting in and out of the apartment.Guests and friends should hold valid certificate and register with thedormitory administrator when visiting.


Article 4It is forbidden to make loud noises, playgames, play loud stereos in the apartment. Guests are not allowed to stayovernight. Everyone should follow the school schedule and must return to thedormitory before 23:00 PM every night. It is strictly prohibited to stay outall night.

第五条 国际学生宿舍实行查房和卫生检查制度,宿管员配合国际学院定期对国际学生宿舍进行检查。

Article 5International student dormitory adopts roundsand sanitation inspection rules, and dormitory keepers shall check thedormitories regularly coordinating with International School.

第六条 国际学生须遵守以下卫生条例;






Article 6International students must obey thefollowing sanitary regulations:

  1. It is strictly forbidden tothrow garbage and debris into the toilets and sewers;

  2. Keep the apartment clean and keep personal belongings clean andtidy. The garbage in the dormitory should be put into the garbage bag, and takento the trash bin by oneself . It is strictly forbidden to throw things out thewindow;

  3. Keep the interior of dormitory and the ground clean, keep the articlesneat and bathroom clean and non-smelly and open the door and window regularly;

  4. Obey college’s vehicle management regulations. It is not allowedto park vehicles in the dormitory and public areas;

  5. Pets are strictlyprohibited in the dormitory.

  1. 节约用水、用电,学校给每间宿舍提供免费水电配额,超过配额部分费用由学生自己承担;严禁使用违章电器,如发现水、电出现故障,要及时报告公寓管理员。离开房间时要关闭电灯、电视、电脑等电器。不准私自接电源或检修电器开关,以防止触电事故。注意防火,酿成火灾者,须赔偿一切损失;严重者,将由司法机关追究其刑事责任。

Article 7Everyone should save water and electricity.School provides free water and electricity quota for each dormitory, andstudents should be responsible for the extra expense; It is strictly forbiddento use illegal appliances. It needs to report to the apartment keeper in timewhen the water or electricity failure is found. the lights, TV, computers andother appliances should be turned off when you leave the room. The power supplyor overhaul electrical switch should not be wired privatelyto avoid electric shock. Fire prevention should be pay attention to. People whocauses the fire must compensate all losses; The judicial authority willinvestigate the criminalresponsibility for serious case.

  1. 宿舍内禁止带入和存放易燃、易爆、有毒和有害物品。

Article 8The inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmfulmaterials should be forbidden to carry and store in the dormitory.

第九条 宿舍内严禁赌博、吸毒、酗酒、斗殴、举行宗教活动以及损坏他人财物。

Article 9Gambling, drugs, alcohol abuse, fighting,religious activities and other acts of damaging property should be strictlyprohibited in the dormitory.

第十条 国际学生应尊重、服从宿管员的管理。宿管员对于国际学生违反本规定的行为及时制止,对于不服从管理的情况及时记录并反馈给国际学院。

Article 10International students should respect andobey the management of dormitory keepers. Dormitory keepers shall promptly stopthe international students from violating the regulations and timely record andreport those who disobey the management to the International College.

第十一条 国际学院将国际学生在作息、卫生、会客等方面执行规定的情况计入综合考核,对于违反公寓管理规定者予以警告谈话、综合考核扣分、取消奖学金评定资格、留校察看、开除学籍等处分。

Article 11International School will make acomprehensive evaluation of international students from the aspects of dailyschedule, sanitation and receiving a visitor. Those who violate of theapartment management regulations should suffer from warning conversation,deduction in comprehensive assessment, cancel of scholarship assessment ofqualifications, probation, expulsion, and etc.